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Obtain international Six Sigma Black Belt –qualification and get substantial savings for your organization. Laatukeskus implements Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (BB) -programs in cooperation with Business Excellence Solutions. Six Sigma Black Belt -programs are held in English. The instructor is Master Black Belt Gregory H. Watson.

The content of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt –program exceeds the ASQ Six Sigma Body of Knowledge -requirements (BB level).

Main objectives of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training are:

  • Achieve significant results that improve the bottom line performance of your organization.
  • Increase business understanding by focusing on customer needs, issues, and concerns.
  • Implement the BEST Lean Six Sigma® method in a project to demonstrate how breakthrough is achieved by applying the scientific method to a practical problem.
  • Create a demonstration project to successfully illustrate the application of this methodology in your own organization.
  • Learn to apply diagnostic tools and techniques to systematically improve.
  • Lead a Lean Six Sigma project to completion.
  • Support management in deploying the Lean Six Sigma methods within your organization.

The duration of the training is 23 days + Realization Review day. If two or more participants will participate from the same organization then a one-day LSS Champion Seminar for executive team is included.

The feedback we have received from participants has been excellent, and most importantly, the projects that have been implemented during the program have obtained 850 000 € average savings for participants’ organizations. It is recommended that 2-4 participants from the same organization participate to the program simultaneously in order to improve the effectiveness and continuity.

Ask for references!

Greg’s teaching is clear and easy to understand, his training materials and books are very high quality, practical and easy to adopt. In my work with demanding international customers it was essential to get the highest quality Lean Six Sigma training in order to be able to respond to the customer requirements. After this training we were able to complete many improvements and, as a result, we gained several new customers. I can highly recommend this Lean Six Sigma training by Greg.

Nina Pirilä, Supply Chain Manager, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Howden Turbo Fans

Greg’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is the best training I have ever attended and it has been a real career booster!

Mikko Porter, Quality & Innovation Specialist, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lahti University of Applied Sciences

The Lean Six Sigma training has been very useful for understanding how to analyze even very complex data, how to find the key measurement data points to improve the processes and minimize unnecessary work, wasted time, and excess variation. The Lean Six Sigma training provided very good career value especially when working with international businesses as many large companies are familiar with the training and its benefits and they are using the Lean Six Sigma methods in their everyday business.

Lauri Palmu, Business Development Manager, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Outotec (Chile)

Laatukeskus Executive Coach, Master Black Belt Gregory H. Watson.