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Aim of this seminar is to provide broader idea of the meaning of lean and to help find financial benefits from lean improvements.

This seminar is for executive sponsors, senior managers, and project leaders who are responsible for the continual improvement of their organization's results.

During the day you will learn:

  • What can be done to eliminate inefficiency and waste in your organization?
  • Why should you implement lean methods in your organization?
  • What approach should be taken to implement lean methods?
  • Since over 70% of lean performance initiatives have failed, according to a recent study, what is it that makes the other 30% successful?
  • What is the unique role of an organization's leadership team in assuring that the implementation of lean methods will generate substantial benefits and achieve the exceptional results that have been described in some case studies? How can a management team avoid implementation problems and assure success?

Course is aimed for business leaders and managers:

  • Managers who need to gain a broader idea of the meaning of lean
  • Implementors of lean methods who wish to anticipate the problems
  • Planners who must find financial benefits from lean improvements