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This course develops the internal expertise necessary for success in implementing a lean transformation and assure ability to guide and facilitate teams in best practice ways to introduce lean methods. It presents practical approaches to be adapted for applying lean methods in your own organization. It will focus on the development of a successful implementation plan rather than development of proficiency with tools and methods associated with lean methods.

This advanced level four-day course is for senior managers and project leaders who are charged with managing the implementation of lean methods throughout an organization.

During the course you will learn:

  • How are lean methods related to strategies for continual improvement?
  • What is the role of management in encouraging a lean transformation in the way their organization operates with increased efficiency and effectiveness?
  • What approach should be taken to successfully implement lean methods?

Course is aimed for managers and facilitators of a lean transformation:

  • Professionals who are leading lean implementation in operations
  • Managers of staff functions who will support a lean transformation
  • Key business managers who are responsible for delivering gains

NOTE: Further development of personal lean competence areas is possible through the arrangement of individually guided mentoring by lean experts.